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LMB Contract / REF number:  2016-10-0338

I'm a bit tired of some the 'over positive' reviews on LMB Group and a significant amount of people contacting me because of their problems with them even to this day. Several thousand people have read my reviews but the facts are that currently LMB Group, or formally  LMB  Loft Conversions or LMB Lofts limited or Addiscombe Building Contractors Limited all had the same MD and the same corresponding office address but of course none of the above named are related!  Laughably, I have intercepted over exaggerated messages to certain Company Review Companies to take down my reviews which kind of defeats the purpose of free speech , and  having briefly searched through his solicitor's system, letters were sent out to the many creditors to confirm the current name organization disassociation with previous names. However, more importantly, potential customers may or may not be covered under their so called '10 year insurance guarantee' if they change and they liquidate their company again.

But here are some facts of what happened on our work:
- Rear ground extension - Project management non existent.  Builders hadn’t a clue how big the door opening should be , and could not even build symmetrical parallel walls  - out by 3-4 cm at widest point (slight problem for floor tiler!)
- Rear extension roof taking around 2 weeks to do yet left unfinished. and not properly done
- Lintel for rear extension left dangerous and undone. (At least they could've put the bricks back!).
- MD Lee Murphy Constantly demanding money even when next stage of contract had not been completed (in this case , stairs needed to be completed for next payment).  According to two surveyors  before stairs were in, the whole loft extension should of had a water tight roof and insulated walls before stair  installation.   This a standard regulation in the industry which should of been implemented here before  installation and demanding of money.
- Theft of items on site by contractors with police called.  Mr Murphy even went to his carpenter accusing me of stealing his items!  I even have the carpenters Whatsapp messages calling me ‘evil’ to prove this!!!!!!!
- Lee Murphy has no problem employing people with criminal records (he knows this)  and I can easily prove this if and when this goes fully to court.
- Inadequate equipment supplied to LMB staff with carpenter falling off unstable  ladder.  Even had to help the roofer to the car and help him with certain aspects of work, all of which I should not have done!
- Lee Murphy has no problem employing people with criminal records * this can and will be proven if taken to court.
- Roofing beams for rear extension slope roof  not even touching walls. So had to force Lee to get it done properly.  Why was I in this position in the first place?
- An enormous amount of rubbish on scaffolding. yet refused to get a skip claiming he hasn't got enough money for skip or materials ( receipt docs and can be easily proven with Whatsapp messages). Rubble subsequently fell from there narrowly missing my father.
- Contractors CONSTANTLY complaining of NOT GETTING PAID. How the hell does that make us feel after giving money to LMB?????!!!!!   Even had to pay one of the contractors directly and minus it of the total amount owed to LMB. Ridiculous.  This can be proven with signed receipts from them and him

After giving up on LMB I decided to pull the contract. After which:
-  Threats by his solicitor trying to take me to court even when next stage of  hadn't been completed (as per contract). As in the letter , apparently I gave no reason as to pulling the job ?!  More lies fed to the solicitor I guess.
-  BTW, Lee don’t be childish by showing your solicitor John all the nice conversations we had.   If you want, talk to me face to face and don’t hide behind your solicitor and  we can go to court and ask Whatsap for full undeleted transcripts.
- Lee Murphy had threats to take scaffolding down when roof hadn't been completed or sealed watertight when two elderly pensioners reside inside.
- Claimed he owned the materials on the driveway , so decided to take them away. so Police were called.   He even took the staircase ,  claiming it was his :-)  Proof of how I paid for it, I easily can be prove in court .  Even have Lee on CCTV and microphone on drive him taking the stuff which I will release when necessary.
- Also, he told his workers to  call me to offer a service to finish the job for double the price with him taking his cut.  They can all back me up.  Disgusting.

There is actually a lot more I could write up on...and all will come out in due course with the necessary evidence(or/if this goes to court).    All of above can be proved with screenshots of FULL Whatsapp messages, text messages, CCTV recordings, police reference numbers, etc... and Mr Murphy cannot refute any of it

As of Dec 2018 Mr Lee Murphy has yet to take me to court or follow through with threat.  That's the power of the freedom of speech and the truth.

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